Brown Door Rubber Seal Strip 6m

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Item Detail:

  • Perfect for doors and window frames.
  • Seals gaps around doors and windows, saving energy and money by reducing heat  loss and preventing draughts. The tape is self-adhesive, stretch-resistant, and can be fitted to most doors and windows.
  • Waterproof, Wind proof, Excellent aging resistance.
  • Easy to cut and easy to install, no requires specialist tool.
  • Preventing dust collection between sliding doors or windows.
  • Reduce the noise from outside and the sliding door slamming, give you a quiet and comfortable living environment.
  • Resist from rain and cold wind, give you a clean and warmer environment.
  • Protect the window and door, reduce wear on window/door while open and close.
  • Tape Dimensions: 9mm wide x 6mm thick x 5m long
  • Seals Gaps: 3-8mm around doors and windows
  • Material: Foam EPDM Silicone
  • Color: Brown

Note: In One Roll there are Two Strips of Seal and they must be split before You will place them on Your Window or Door Frame.

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