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  • Get ready to play one of the most iconic board games: Catan!
  • Play as a settler in the mythical world of Catan
  • Build & develop your holdings while trading to get resources
  • Suitable for 3-4 players with a playing time of around 90 minutes
  • An effortlessly fun & endlessly enjoyable board game for the whole family

Catan Board Game Description

Picture the scene: you're in the era of discovery, and after a lengthy journey at sea, your ships finally reach an island. It's uncharted, so you name it Catan - but you're not the only one to discover this place, so the race to conquer the island begins!

You and your rival players will create Catan out of the hexagonal terrain tiles and begin the game by placing two settlements on corners of any two hexes with a road leading away from them. Your goal is to gather the right resources to construct more roads, link your settlements, build even more settlements and eventually upgrade them into cities. 

As you expand across Catan, you'll need to trade resources with the other players to achieve your goals. Each settlement you create is worth 1 victory point and each city is worth 2 victory points. If you're clever about your expansion, you could be the first player to reach 10 victory points and win the game!

Player count: 3-4

Time: 60-120 minutes

Age: 10+

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