Unisex Sauna Suit Sweat Slimming Exercise

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  • Sauna suit, material made from PVC, with good quality. 
  • Sauna Suits are used for weight loss and conditioning by professional athletes, amateur athletes and enthusiasts.
  • Suitable for outdoor sports, such as running, jumping, cycling and playing balls etc. 
  • Waterproof and windproof, protective. 
  • Accelerate the fat burning and make you slim. 
  • Elastic waist, cuffs and ankles, which ensure it fits you. 
  • More sizes for your choice, with two colors, there must be one for you. 
  • Sweat Suits and Sauna Suits use your natural body heat that is generated from any type of physical exercise to increase perspiration during training. 
  • The increase in your body temperature due to the sauna effects the sweat suit creates helps increase your calorie burning. 
  • This enables you to maximize the weight loss in your workout and in certain circumstances doubling or tripling your workout results. 
  • The entire body is stimulated through perspiration therefore helping to rid the body of excess water weight gain
  • Helps melt away unwanted body fat. 
  • Quantity: One Suit (Includes Top and Trousers)
  • Gender: Unisex


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