Don Sullivan Perfect Dog Command Collar Pinch Training

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  • The Command Collar design uses a controlled “flex” action so the links “grip” your dog’s fur much like a mother dog''s nuzzling bite. Just pull your training lead/leash to create the firm but gentle effect. The built-in safety loop prevents choking while the grip gets your dog’s attention so it responds to your corrective command without electric shock, noise, or sprays.
  • Works humanely without electric shock or excessive choking.
  • Guaranteed Results - No More Aggressive Leash Pulling, Unwanted Barking, Biting & Lunging and More
  • Perfect for virtually any breed and dogs of all ages. Command Collar training makes a real difference the very first time you try it. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people have used the Command Collar product worldwide to fix the problems that drove them crazy.
  • Nature''s Training Approach Now In a Collar!
  • Mother dogs instinctively know how to train their pups. A simple nip on the back of their pup’s neck gets their attention so they understand it’s time to do what mama dog wants,now with this Command Collar you can use this technique too!
  • Easy as 1-2-3 - A Simple Tug Is All It Takes
  • Each Command Collar package includes one collar (large or small), Four extra quick fit links for easy sizing.
  • The Collar can be adjustable to any size, fits all dogs
  • Command Collar action emulates a mother dog''s natural corrective process
  • Easily adjustable to fit your dog from puppy to full grown
  • 4 Extra quick fit links included
  • Included instructional DVD video
  • Material:ABS

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