Potato Chipper Cutter Slicer French Fries

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  • This vegetable and french fry cutter has Uniform Strips for you to make professional French Fries. 
  • It can stick up to 4inch in length when you make potatoes, fruits and vegetables.
  • Perfect for making fresh, healthy fries instead of the frozen, processed variety. With it, you are able to make delicious homemade French fries without any added chemicals!
  • Just use it to make Restaurant-style French Fries in Your Own Kitchen
  • This French Fry Cutter Potato Slicer is made of premium grade Stainless steel of high strength, not like other flimsy ones that are easily broken. It is heavy duty enough and won't break easily when you slice the potatoes to make fresh fries, fruits, or vegetables.
  • Those blades are pretty darn sharp for the potato to go through as easily as it does. 
  • It is also Very Easy to clean cause all parts are removable and interchangeable.
  • Great for home or restaurant. 

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