8pc Bbq Skewer Stainless Steel Kebab Sticks




Item Detail: Length: 38CM / 15.35 inches Material: stainless steel Quantity: 8 Packing: bag Features: These barbecue needles allow you to easily cook a meal without the need for an extra grill. Very lightweight and portable, great for you. Used for baking flour food, vegetables, meat and fish, etc. Treat your friends with these delicious BBQ needles and delicious meals. Round head long non-slip handle, easy to use. Small barbecue utensils, easy to carry. Compact and convenient for picnics and trailing. From grilled meat to marshmallow… you can easily skewer your favourite foods on these durable stainless-steel skewers. They have a slightly flat blade that can be easily rotated (the food does not rotate) and tastes good.


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