Hanging Topsy Turvy Vertical Strawberry Plant




Item Detail: Item is Brand New I’m taking it out of the box to under 1lb shipping weight. Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter Grows strawberries in a convenient hanger Needs very little space Hangs from your patio, deck or porch Requires very little maintenance Grow many strawberries throughout the season Can be reused after each season Grows up to 15 Qts. Comes with all the necessary hardware needed to mount. You can easily mount this on your balcony, patio, deck or porch. You don’t have to grow strawberries, you can also grow a huge variety of fruits vegetable from Tomatoes, cherries, bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, herbs and much more. Features: UV resistant and durable materials are engineered to last 4 years Grow bag design enhances root growth and increases yields Stainless Steel Hanging System Swivel top for easy turning High Yield, Less Work Uses ordinary potting soil Advantages: Just needs plant seed, soil, and water! Eliminates reading caging and staking Great for growing your own organic vegetables Simple to set up and only needs soil and water Grow Organic Gardening Easy to Grow & Maintenance free No Weeds


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